Welcome to Gancho Studios!

Great Story + Epic Animation

Is what we do here, day and night.


Is like a vast ocean with bucket
loads of possibilities.

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Good Story

Is what we have in mind every  time we craft our animations. Making sure our animation is visually stunning and able to relate with the audience, young and old, male or female.

Award Winning

We’ve created award winning animations these past few years and we’re aiming for more in the coming years. The awards we received is a symbol of the quality of the animations that we’ve created.


We like to call ourselves inventors during the crafting process. I guess because we love to find better solution in every task given, to make sure the team is efficient and keep growing as one diverse unit.

The Ganchos

Is a team of diverse talented individuals who loves coffee, spend long hours playing games, and animation enthusiast who hang out together with one thing in mind, which is to create simply good and fun animation!